Thursday, February 16, 2012

Clivia Plants Surprise You With Color!

Wow! First Blog Post

Who would have thought I would/could do it! Thanks to a smart and lovely young lady, Madison Leah Green, I'm going to give it a go!

I love learning about nature. Plants and animals have always fascinated me. I like to learn something new everyday. It really does keep me young. There is so much that I don't know - and so little time!

The plant above is a Clivia. A sweet lady friend from our St. John Neumann dinner group gave it to me mid 2010. She started it from a small division. The plant did not look very exciting when I brought it home and found a spot for it on the screened in back porch.

It grew slowly and I was beginning to wonder if I had it in the right light or if I was giving it enough attention. The Clivia has dark green, blade like leaves that alternate a main stalk.

One day I noticed a thick bract coming from the center of the main stalk. A few days later there were light green buds. I was so excited to see the beautiful orangy-pink blossoms that followed! I know, I know.... How can anyone get so excited about a plant?? That's just me.  I get excited about little joyous moments that come into your life. They are all around. You just have to be open to them and see the beauty in life!

The blossoms lasted for a few days and then gradually disappeared. Of course, during this time I was online checking out every site I could find for more information on Clivia's. The best website is I had no idea they come in such varied colors and sizes.  My clivia developed two seed pods  so I checked the site above on how to produce more plants.  Too Cool!

Anyone want a baby Aloe Vera?? I have nine that are potted and ready for a new home. Email me if you live in the Charlotte, NC area and we can work out a possible swap??